Welcome to RvRv Central.  In addition to our weekly RV blog, our web pages will cover many RV related topics including those listed below so please browse them all and return to our blog weekly.


  • Chronicles of our RV trips covering 48 states in 48 months
  • Selected photos from more than 50,000 taken on the trips
  • How to Select, Locate and Negotiate for your RV.
  • Insurance, domicile, receiving mail and other RV administrative stuff
  • RV Travel Planning Resources
  • Driving the RV, How To, Safety Issues, Driving Lessons, Videos and other resources.
  • Special things to see & do in your RV travels. Where to find this information.
  • Cost & Economics of Equipment and Operating Costs for RV travel. Ideas on how to pay for it.
  • Where to park the RV, at home and on the road
  • Who we are and how we got started RVing.
  • Other RV industry contacts and resources.
  • Travel tales and experiences of others who have taken the RV road, differently than we did and yet, they have been the same places and seen the same things. You have choices, too.
  • About our lucky number.
  • Contact us at our BLOG page or the link below. We welcome your questions.
  • http://www.RvRvCentral.com
  • http://rvrvcentral.com/blog/



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  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. I will look at the possibility of adding more pics to the mix. I have over 50,000 photos from our travels but never got them labeled in a proper way for publication. Do visit us again and regularly.

  2. If you need even more info, I am always looking for guidance from my readers…you…as to what additional subjects or info you would like to see included here. Let me know?

  3. Thanks! I am glad you enjoy and recommend the site. We always appreciaet a mention in social media to have others take a look. Also, we have a second site at http://delbertsrv.com with a lot more pictures of our rig. You might enjoy that, too.


  4. Thanks for your question. There are many different approaches but as a starter, here is my suggestion.

    WordPress is the most prominent language/system for building a blog. There are two versions. One is a dot com version and is free. The other is a dot org version and while it is also free, you must have it seperately hosted at less than 10 bucks a month.

    As a beginner, I suggest you go to http://wordpress.com and sign up free. You will find good guidance there to set up your first website & blog. Once you have some experience, you may want to convert to a self hosted version at http://wordpress.org but first…. You will need to buy a domain name and I do that through namecheap.com, cost about 10 bucks. I use Hostgatyor.com as my hosting company and they can install the dot org for you at the push of a button. Just sign up for an account and let them know I sent you. They can guide you on how to transfer your new domain name from namecheap to your server there at Hostgator. It is easy.

    Now, the big difference you will see is this…

    If you use dot com, you will see you domain name shown under wordpress.com so it will look like this: http://www.wordpress.com/yourblogname. As a dot org hosted arrangement, you sill see http://www.yourblogname.com instead.

    By starting with dot com, you should have more easily accessible training than the self hosted. But with dot org, yoiu will have much, much more visibility and flexibility. So again, maybe use dot com to learn a little and then cut over.

    Hope this helps and feel free to ask further if I can help.


  5. Thanks for your comments and interest. Please do visit regularly and let others know we are here.


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