RvRvCentral is Back

Hi and welcome,

After almost 9 months away, we are back starting over. We had a major hack attack whereby we lost 11 websites! Almost decided to give it up and still don’t know what I will do with all of them. Since I love Rving and I love business, I will keep three. That will include this site along with DelbertsRv.com and my business blog at DelbertAshy.com.

Since I own all the other domains, I may offer them for sale or offer to partner with some others on setting up and running those sites as a partnership. If interested in either, please contact me at my blog or Delberts.Rv@gmail.com.

As an aside, the second event that took us away from business was a major health event with my wife. We spent 44 days in the hospital and I was told by three different doctors that she would no make it. We are blessed that she is now out of the hospital for 6 months. Still not back to full health but growing steadily. By years end, she should be as far back  toward normal health as she will get.

So that it is for this short message. I always welcome your feedback and directions as to what you want, need or like to hear about.

Til next time….